MARCH 19TH, 2018

ROCKIT Fast Game Start Announces Free Indie Developer Program & Beta Launch

San Francisco, California. DACS Labs, an innovator in application and data delivery, has announced the beta launch of ROCKIT, Fast Game Start Technology that can accelerate game start time by over 100x times compared to standard downloads. The company has announced several game titles available with ROCKIT and the launch of their new, Indie Developer Program, aimed at enabling young studios with free access to ROCKIT technology.

Developers have sought new paths to market and distribute their games. ROCKIT is the first platform that allows developers to deliver click-to-play links, instant play trials, and fast-play full game downloads without altering their source code. ROCKIT is based on advanced storage virtualization technology, delivered through a downloader, which intelligently prioritizes the data required at game start. This technology brings “instant play” experiences to online users.

“Innovation is needed to help developers get visibility for their titles. Easily distributable instant play demos can help titles to get in front of users fast!” said Frank Schwarz, CEO of DACS Labs. “For Free-to-Play titles, challenged with constant user acquisition and low conversion rates, ROCKIT reduces user dropout due to long download & install times. For Premium titles, this creates new social marketing and trial play options.”

“The implementation was as easy as promised. Really bulletproof technology, stellar performance. It looks like a game-changer in digital distribution.” Dieter Schoeller, CEO & Founder, Headup Games.

“User satisfaction is very important to us. Minimizing time-to-start is a significant driver to make our gamers even happier. ROCKIT brings gamers 10x faster into Ken Follett‘s The Pillars of the Earth.” Stephan Harms, COO, Daedalic Entertainment.

DACS Labs is attending GDC 2018 and accepting applications to the new Indie Developer Program. Developers will be able to deliver their games with ROCKIT Fast Game Start Technology. To apply or meet up at GDC 2018, email or visit online.

About DACS Labs
DACS Labs, focused on innovating highly scalable application deployment solutions, developed ROCKIT, a fast game start technology that brings a Netflix like access to gamers. ROCKIT accelerates data and application delivery using storage virtualization technology. The result is time-to-start ratios that are up to 107x faster compared to conventional download. To learn more, request a white paper copy from DACS available under

Media Contact
Frank Schwarz, CEO

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