AUGUST 12, 2019

ROCKIT Fast Start 2.0 Brings Streaming Speeds To Game Downloads At Gamescom 2019

DACS Labs is introducing fast start technology that is so fast it competes with streaming. The latest iteration of our technology, ROCKIT 2.0, is launching at Gamescom 2019.

ROCKIT Fast Game Start offers streaming performance without code changes, using machine learning to anticipate the stream of data that would be required to initiate game start, speeding game start times by up to 200x. ROCKIT block-based patcher is the latest breakthrough; internal tests show 10% to 50% smaller patch sizes compared to conventional (standard) patchers that the industry is using today.

We also tested ROCKIT client delivery against the most popular streaming platform in operations today: Playstation Now: @200Mbit/s MAFIA III starts in 19s with ROCKIT compared to 55s on PS Now; Darksiders II in 6s compared to 42s.

ROCKIT starts games in seconds

ROCKIT Benchmark: Time-to-start ratios of ROCKIT enabled games

In 2019 game stores are aiming to compete with Steam and introduce Netflix-like subscriptions. Game developers want to sell direct. Game publishers are looking for better ways to market games in an increasingly noisy web. Game platforms and streaming services are looking for ways to retain precious relationships with gamers. With ROCKIT, game stores can offer streaming performance on the same infrastructure they use today. Free-to-Play titles can reduce download time, achieving almost zero download dropouts. For game developers, it requires no source code changes to games and runs on industry-standard infrastructures.

For Background - The Game Store Wars - ROCKIT Technology Poised to Change the Balance in the Fight to Control the Gaming Galaxy

It seems just months ago the game store universe was a simpler place. Gamers were divided into factions - PC, XBox, Playstation, Switch. PC Gamers bought on Steam or downloaded direct from the publisher. The consoles had direct download and retail to spread their games throughout the gaming Galaxy. But that was the past, before diverse times - before streaming - before the game store wars.

The megaliths began to stir. EPIC games announced a new, leaner store for PC gamers building on the traffic of the fabulously successful Fortnite. Google, Microsoft and a host of startups rattled the sabers of streaming. Each megalith brought audiences built on the foundations of their platform reach. EPIC has 250 million Fortnite players, Google has the browser on desktops and smartphones, and Microsoft maintains dominion over the PC with its XBOX. New models and new technology have revealed themselves - and a new era of competition has begun.

But in the distant reaches of the galaxy - a new force has arisen. A new technology called ROCKIT is able to reconcile the innovation of streaming and the power of direct download, keeping the advantage of low latency client play. It offers direct downloads but with game start times that are lighting fast - fast enough to compete directly with game streaming. ROCKIT Fast Game Start Technology could change the balance of power in the game store wars by providing streaming performance without excessive expenditures into cloud gaming infrastructure.


DACS Laboratories to Introduce ROCKIT 2.0 at Gamescom 2019 - New Fast Game Start Technology Starts Games in Seconds, Competes Head-to-Head with Cloud Streaming

DACS Labs’ Fast Start Engine ROCKIT Delivers Cloud Streaming Performance Using Traditional, Existing Low Cost Server Backends and Bandwidth Capacity

Cologne, August 12th 2019. DACS Labs is introducing their latest release of its groundbreaking ROCKIT Fast Start Technology at Gamescom 2019, delivering games at streaming speeds and reducing patch sizes by up to 50%. The result is the ability to start games almost instantly, without gaps in gameplay, even for complex open-world games. The new ROCKIT 2.0 requires no source code changes and runs on existing infrastructure without performance penalties, making it the only title and engine agnostic fast game start solution.

DACS Labs will be demonstrating ROCKIT at Gamescom 2019 with the Association of the German Game Industry in Hall 4.1 Booth A-011/D-20. Additional information is available online at and meeting requests can be sent to by email.

“We are passionate about bringing gamers into the game fast,” said Frank Schwarz, CEO of DACS Labs. “ROCKIT is able to provide all the perks the industry expects from cloud streaming but without the pitfalls of building a new infrastructure, bandwidth requirements and latency.”

In real world tests, ROCKIT is able to accelerate the start time of AAA and F2P titles dramatically, delivering the data required in the early phases of gameplay first. While users enjoy playing within seconds, ROCKIT downloads the full game in the background for native, local gameplay.

“ROCKIT is delivering games at streaming speeds,” said Sixten Boeck, CTO of DACS Labs. “ROCKIT is faster than today’s streaming services including Playstation Now and vastly outperforms competitive solutions like Microsoft FastStart.” Unlike streaming, ROCKIT delivers games at full performance and at any resolution or frame rate for 4K gaming and beyond. In DACS Labs tests, ROCKIT is up to 7X faster than Playstation Now PC at 200 Mbit/s network speed, and the same at 100 Mbit/s while offering dramatically better resolution and visual quality.

Start ASSASSIN'S CREED ORIGINS faster than anyone else with ROCKIT

Time-to-start of the game Assassin's Creed Origins across platforms

Frequently patching games often requires multi-gigabyte downloads and long waiting times. DACS Labs ROCKIT now includes an intelligent, block-level patcher that is able to reduce patch sizes by 20% to 50%. The patcher delivers game updates rapidly to users significantly reducing patch time and bandwidth requirements.

DACS Labs is working to test and deploy fast start technology for game stores and direct Free-to-Play game distribution. “At Robot Cache we have seen ROCKIT start games in minutes, even seconds compared to hours for conventional download,” said Mark Caldwell, CTO of Robot Cache. “At Robot Cache we are driving to improve the game store experience at every level and that includes investigating fast game start.”

THIS LINK provides a one minute screen capture demonstrating MAFIA III starting in 19s with ROCKIT.

About ROCKIT Fast Start Technology

ROCKIT creates fast start downloads that sequence game data in the cloud, allowing a game to start with as little as 1% downloaded. ROCKIT dynamically delivers the minimum amount of data needed to safely start and seamlessly play a game at any given bandwidth. Games are getting less predictable. The latest update of ROCKIT is pushing boundaries again. By instantly fetching unpredicted data requests, ROCKIT can now start games with even smaller initial loads and deliver unpredicted request on the fly to ensure an uninterrupted gameplay. The result: Amazingly fast game start and continuous playing that competes head to head with game streaming. But without the infrastructure costs, without code changes, and with the same Microsoft Certified Driver robustness of ROCKIT.

About DACS Laboratories

DACS Laboratories is a pioneer in instant gratification bringing fast access to digital interactive content. DACS Labs is revolutionizing software delivery by accelerating application start through machine learning and kernel-level OS integration. Today, the company’s ROCKIT technology is being used to deliver games starting at up to 200x the speed of a traditional download. Unlike any other solution ROCKIT AI requires no source code changes and has no infrastructure impact, making it possible to power an entire game store with Netflix-like game subscriptions and instant play downloads. Our system learns from prior application and real users behavior, creates a virtual storage system, which streams data over the network, and intelligently predicts which data blocks will be required. ROCKIT 2.0 now supports out of sequence data fetching which maximizes continuous gameplay even for the most unpredictable game and user behaviors.

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